Donald Trump – The best WORST thing that happened to US and us.

  • Posted on December 04 , 2019

Donald Trump – The best WORST thing that happened to US and us.

It doesn’t take Einstein to figure out that based on what you hear on the news and even if you ignore everyone else’s opinions and just listen to what he says himself and look at his actions with an open mind what Donald Trump Really is. It is crystal clear, simply based on basic human values ,and it pains me to say this about our President, that Donald Trump is basically, at best, a slick salesman who sold us/US a bill of goods and at worst a crook and a bully who is all about himself and himself only.

Now there are many who think that DT is the worst thing that happened to America, and there are those who are hoping that he will yet come through with the promises that he made and of course there those amongst us, especially those who voted for him, and who have stock portfolios and are rich enough to get the benefits of the tax cut for the rich who think he is God’s gift to the Republicans and finally the corporations who think that he is the best thing for America, perhaps because he is the best thing for the corporations.


I on the other hand have a different perspective on the Trump phenomenon.

I think of Donald Trump as a Fire Alarm, when your house is on fire and the alarm goes off, especially when you were asleep, it is a loud vulgar blaring sound that all you want to do is shut off. But that would not be smart.

The smart thing to do is to ignore the alarm but focus on the reason for the alarm blaring; which is to see if the house is on fire and if so to put out the fire.

The truth of the matter is that our beloved USA is on fire. In my last blog, I pointed out that our US, once the greatest nation on earth by far, though still great, is suffering from a severe case of Roguenesstosis. Now Roguenesstosis, as I described in one of my TED talks (WE Will Do this), is when any institution or organization, be it simply a corporation or a family or a city or a country or even the world, goes rogue. That is to say that it loses sight of its main objective, that of serving its constituents, but instead its own existence or the personal agendas of those appointed to manage that organization become more important. And similar to sneezing or coughing which is an indication of flu or cold, this alarm, in the form of Donald Trump phenomenon, is a warning to us the people of US to find a cure for this growing epidemic.

This means we have to:

  • 1. Identify the institutions which make up the US which are infected
  • 2. Find the sources of the infection
  • 3. Find a way to put out the fire, i.e. to find a cure for the infection

Since any institution is made of many smaller institutions it follows that the more institutions within an institution which are infected the greater the severity of the infection of the larger institution.

While House-Infected:

The current "impeachment hearing" are amongst the many indicators that the highest institution in our land, is at the very least suffering from a mild if not a severe case of Roguenesstosis. While I realize that the focus is on the President but the WH is much more than just the president so there are many who are complicit and are suffering from Roguenesstosis. Thank goodness that there are still many consciences people who care for the country and are not under Trump’s spell.

Infected politicians:

Because the American people are by nature trusting people and who take their responsibilities seriously they had grown to expect that the politicians they had elected to represent their interests. Alas this could not be further from the truth. These hearings show that much of the congress and Senate is also suffering from Roguenesstosis, exposing many of these congressmen and senators as, at the very least, hypocritics if not corrupt. No wonder the country has no, if any faith in the government. It appears that the current MO is to use the law to defend the indefensible. By ignoring the real issue and focusing on the process or discredit the good guys, especially the whistle blowers. Here is the perfect example: Republican Congressman, the lead defender of Donald Trump in these impeachment hearing is himself a target of an ethics investigation.

Infected media:

Donald Trump constantly talks about Fake news and the corrupt media. Of course, he just means these who don’t agree with him or do his bidding, in fact the media that he embraces (the Fox News of the world) is the real corrupt media. But the devil his due, the truth is that even the media is suffering from Roguenesstosis. Much of it is politically or profitability biased and even the many traditional ones suffer from this digression of instead of simply reporting the news they also carry commentary which by definition is opinionated. So once again Thanks DT for pointing this out, even if it is for the wrong reasons.

Infected corporations:

In my TED Talk mentioned earlier, ( We will Do this) I talked about all sorts of institutions which have gone rogue, so it is not necessary to rehash that again. However, the real warning is for one other institution, the Collective USA, the public , which does need some discussion. Of course, USA would not be the first nation to be infected , many countries, if not all countries are suffering some form of Roguenesstosis, the most severe form of which we call CORRUPTION. Of course the source of most of this corruption are the corrupt institutions and in some countries it has almost become part of the culture. We must therefore find the root cause of this infection if we are to find a cure.

Infected Public:

But the most damaging infection is that of the public, not just in US but all over the world. Many of the people have become complacent and while the politicians have kept up with the times and are more and more leveraging technology to manipulate the public, the ordinary people have not kept up with the times and have not been able to leverage technology to help them grow and prosper. They in their naiveté still believe that if they put their trust in their leaders, just as they had faith in their parents, that they will be protected and taken care of. It is for this reason perhaps that many cultures refer to their leaders as mother and father. About Sri Lanka election where the people are talking about the leader as the father). The truth however is that even parents go rogue, never mind the politicians who have an even more personal ambition of getting re-elected. Look at the lengths Donald Trump has gone, even risking impeachment to get reelected.

Of course he is counting on the belief that most republicans because they are conservative and though steadfast in their believes are incapable of making smart decisions. This could not be farther front the truth. Yes it is true that they need a lot of convincing before they change their minds and if they ever decide to challenge what they have been told by a single media and look at alternatives to verify the truth for themselves, they will recognize the truth immediately and make the right decision no matter how hard. That’s what makes them Americans and that’s what makes America great.

Bottom line, we have to stop laying the blame on everyone else’s door step and start assuming our share of the responsibility. We have taken things for granted too long and have been living off of our previous generations, financially, socially intellectually as well as spiritually and now time has come to pay the piper, whereby we are facing an existential crisis.

That was the bad news. The good news is that we, the people, especially the Americans are extremely resilient and have what it takes to overcome this hurdle. And the other good news is that much of the technology used by the infected institutions used to manipulate the public is also readily available to us. We can use this technology not only to insulate us from the spin misters but also to regain our power which we have abdicated to the politicians. We need to realize that these politicians are our servants that we elect and give them the power over our resources, which they have been abusing. All we have to do is say ”no more” and just assume a little bit of responsibility to hold these and all stake holders accountable for their respective responsibilities, starting from ourselves. It really is that simple. Remember this does not have top be a monumental task at the global level, it can be done and should be done in baby steps, starting from within and working outside.


Our inside, only we can do individually.

For the outside what we have to do is:

  • 1. Resolve to tackle this problem.
  • 2. Agree on a common cause ( Missions)
  • 3. Get a consensus on a viable Solutions
  • 4. Collaborate on Implementing the solution
  • 5. Monitor the progress with Transparency and total accountability.

This is totally doable, if each of us does their part.


My part - the blog

I will continue to do my part via this Blog and adding one more piece of this project. This week I did the blog and now working on the platform for building the virtual community where anyone who wishes to get involved with this project can simply sign on and have their own virtual private and communal space, where they can actually do many productive things.


Your part Join the community

Take care of your inside.

And for the outside simply Join the community by signing up, without any obligation.

Participate as you wish.

If we are able to do that, perhaps we might find some time to Thank D.T. for inadvertently sounding the alarm and helping American retain its greatness.


Stay Tuned for :

Project Orchard evolution – Power of a virtual community.


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