About the Corona virus– COVID-19

  • Posted on March 11 , 2020

That Corona virus also known, simply as COVID-19, is causing havoc around the globe is a fact.

Recently one, of my nephews, who happens to be a doctor, posted the following on our family chat page;

Being old enough to have lived through all of these crises listed in the post, I don’t remember being scared or as concerned as I seem to be about Corona virus.

Why? I ask myself.

Some of this information in the form of news, provided by trusted sources such as BBC, CNN and various newspapers is necessary, useful and beneficial to society.

Some of it is to create fears, deliberately. Often by governments, politicians and established institutions for maintaining their self-importance and grip on power. This is neither necessary nor beneficial to society.

Some of it is, simply, to promote, certain political or personal, agenda. Again, it is NOT beneficial to society.

And a lot of it is, especially on the social networks, for the sake of talking, as many of us like to do. This is partially BENEFICIAL but much of it is either frivolous or worse HARMFUL to society.

So what to do?

You can’t live with it nor can you live without it!

We can’t just DISMISS every thing. This will be bad; we might miss some very valuable information and not be able to make the best decision.

Of course listening to everything and trying to make sense of it all is almost impossible as there is so much information and we are already victims of information overload. So the tendency is to pick a few sources that for some reason we trust and just BELIEVE in them. This could be religious organizations, or family members or celebrities that we look up to, or even political parties we might be affiliated with. As, for example, many people believe conservatives and follow Fox news, while others follow Democrats and disbelieve every thing conservative and Fox. This may be even worse than ignoring it as instead of making “not the ideal decision “ for you, you might actually be making a biased decision which may actually be harmful to you, As many folks who voted for Trump are finding out.

Finally the worst option, which seems to be the easiest and most appealing, would be to just put your head in the sand and go with the flow andIGNORE what’s happening around you. Pretend that all is well and whichever course of action (or In-action to be precise) we have chosen is the right one and will work out.

If there is one thing I have learnt over the last forty plus years of my professional life, it is this. No body and I mean nobody should be believed by default and should be followed blindly. No matter what their record, their social standing or their stature. In fact, I am of the opinion that the greater a person’s stature the greater the scrutiny required.

And this is how I protect myself and give myself a greater opportunity to succeed.

1. Listen to every thing.

2. Simplify everything to basic FACTS. Ignore the details. Remembering that the devil is in the details and it is the details where the manipulation happens.

3. Identify which of these FACTS are RELEVANT to my short termobjectives and which are relevant to my long term goals.

4. Trust my instincts to help me make the best decision.

5. If (rarely) it turns out to be a bad decision, LEARN form it.

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