Who We Are

The current world order built on the notion of “Free Market competition” and democracy, the rule by majority has helped humanity make substantial progress and has brought enormous prosperity to a few.

This has resulted in a huge gap between the 1% who control over 50% of the worlds wealth and the other 99% who share the burden of producing the majority of the wealth. This inequality other than the economic hardship has also impacted the security of the society as evident by the increasing global violence in forms of terrorism as well as school shootings and other “supposed acts of terrorism”, as many of them may simply be acts of desperation and reaction to a growing sense of injustice.

virtual community

Helping the Other 99% to Collaborate to Build their Bridge to Prosperity. Sustainable Solutions

This suggests that :“ While Competition is a good way to succeed for a few, COLLABORATION is a BETTER way to success for the MANY.

While other alternatives such as Communism and socialism have been unsuccessful, we believe an alternative world order, which provides prosperity for the many in a fair and equitable manner is not only possible but also necessary to bring stability to our increasingly volatile world.

The Orchard project is an initiative to put this simple ideal into practice and create a parallel world order, as a supplement to the current world order, to bring prosperity to the other 99%.

To accomplish such a monumental task a major mind-shift change is needed. It is built on the belief that:“ I cannot solve EVERY problem and neither can you ; however we can each learn to solve ANY problem and; together we can solve every problem “

Clearly the governments we keep electing (or not) certainly have not done a GOOD job for the MAJORITY, perhaps a great job for a few though. And to keep electing new ones again and again is just banging our heads against a wall.

So we have to do it ourselves and have founded The Orchard Projects.

The Orchard Projects, a new world order for Generation Z+, is based on the Fundamental mindset shift from Competition to Collaboration. It recognizes that the two existential crisis facing humanity are:

 Global Warming and the ensuing climate change

 The increasing gap between the 1% and the 99%

What is Our Vision?

Bridge this gap between the 1% and 99% by helping the 99% becoming prosperous and tackle Global Warming.

The Orchard Projects

Project Orchard is an initiative to facilitate this mindset shift as well as to develop, build and maintain an infrastructure to house this new world order to provide prosperity for the many not just for a few.

Build a website for open communication among the collaborators, those who agree with the common purpose stated above and who wish to share their knowledge and experiences to help each other learn how to make smarter decisions.

Build an online social media platform for gathering, verifying, storing and maintaining accurate, reliable and timely information with which to make smart decisions.

Build a virtual community,, a fair world as it should be with prosperity for all in proportion to their contribution. It is a virtual community where each individual has its own domain to develop and grow exactly as they choose and prosper based on the quality of their decisions and the dedication of their effort in the implementation of those decisions.

Build a portal, for the collaborators to build and maintain an on-line image of their real world, which will also be a bridge between this world as is and the virtual world as it should be with the expectation that at some point the two will merge.

This in a nutshell is the orchard projects, the path to prosperity for the other 99% for a more secure and sustainable future for our planet for generation Z+ and beyond.

Securing the future of our fragile and precious planet is in your hands, all you have to do is COLLABORATE and remember YOU matter and every bit you do no matter how small makes a big difference.