Dealing with the Corona virus– COVID-19
Last week I talked about the Corona Virus ID, as to what it is and what I am doing about it to protect myself.;

Now that it is a pandemic it is affecting people’s lives all over the world in so many different ways, which are hard to anticipate. It is now affecting America, one of the most powerful and resourceful country, as indicated by And the authorities seem to be having only limited success, depending on the country, in helping those who need help. Consequently,

once again, in addition to whatever they are doing we have to help ourselves. Furthermore their help is mostly limited to the time frame when the crisis is in the public’s eye.

Time and time again after every such crisis a good many people still continue to suffer and suffer unnecessarily. I say unnecessarily because it is not that the help is not available, it is just a matter of “out of sight out of mind”. There is plenty of help available, as most people are by and large generous. So why does not the help get to the right people. There are two primary reasons. One, there is disconnect between those who need help and those who can provide help and so we have to rely on third parties, mostly non-profit organizations to bridge this gap. Secondly these organizations, such as NGO and other charitable organizations are not well funded, do not perform efficiently and in many cases are quite corrupt, due to lack of TRANSPARENCY and ACCOUNTABILITY.

So what is the solution?

Learning from NYSE(New York Stock Exchange) and other similar exchanges across the globe, the answer is an on-line Exchange for Help instead of Stocks. Where People who need help (Recipients) can go and find the help they need or indicate their needs, and

those who are able to help (Providers) can upload the products and services they are able to provide. Finally the exchange needs shippers (Volunteers) who can physically deliver the help from the Providers to the Recipients. Since this system is very similar to sites such as Amazon, we decided to build it for the people and it is called Please feel free to visit it and create a Login and participate in any capacity you choose. Now all those who want to make a difference, specially the young ones, here is their chance.

Although the system is not fully ready for release, I felt that given the gravity and the urgency of the situation due to COVID-19 it is functioning enough to be useful, even as a Beta test site and can be optimized with the help of the users as we go along.

How will it be used for COVID-19.?

There is a need all over the world that need testing kits

There are supposedly, people such as an organization in Germany who had these kits weeks ago and offered them to US but were turned down, some other countries may not have.

Similarly there are shortages for Masks, Gloves, TP, and Vaccines when they become available, etc etc.

There are hospital short of resources, ICU beds, Doctors, nurses etc etc.

Same old Problem

It is this SIMPLE approach to wards dealing with the modern day crisis, which is the foundation of Project Orchard.

Project Orchard is designed to help anyone who chooses to take this approach to deal with whatever issues they might be dealing with related to their short time objectives..

It is also designed to deal with our long term goals of dealing with global warming and the increasing prosperity gap between the 1% and the other 99%, the two most existential threats to us.

Of course this cannot be an individual effort but REQUIRES Collaboration among all people.

Which is where your participation in this effort is so essential.

To become part of the solution simply