Thank you for choosing to become part of the solution.

The mission of Project Orchard is to help each of us be the best that we can be. The same basic fundamental value that made America the greatest nation on earth. Our aim is to make the project Orchard community a most prosperous community.


How we do that is entirely up to the individual, you can participate as much as little as you choose.

In the Project Orchard community everyone has value and together we enhance each other’s value.


What the community does is to provide the following means and the facilities to do the best that you can do.

The first thing you should know is that when you click on the Menu, at the top left corner, You are entering your very own virtual domain along with a host of tools to develop this domain as you choose, limited only by your imagination.

So the first thing to do is to learn about this domain and your tools which are available to you. Once sign in you belong to the Project Orchard Community, where each individual has certain roles assigned to them and when you first Sign in you have the freshmanrole and as such you have access to the following capabilities:

  1. A document Library with useful documents, including the "Users" and Technical Manuals which you can browse at leisure to learn all about the capabilities of this platform.
  2. In addition you also have access to a knowledge base, where you should find accurate, reliable and time information, keeping in mind that this knowledge base will grow and improve with time.
  3. Message board, where you can post messages to individuals, groups, organizations or communities within the Project Orchard community.
  4. A Calendar, where you can keep track of all your events and share what you choose with individuals, groups, organizations or communities within the Project Orchard community
  5. You can build and maintain your own web pages, without having any technical expertise which again you can share with individuals, groups, organizations or communities within the Project Orchard community, as well as the outside world.

In your menu if you will see a “Control Panel” from where you can manage all parts of your domain and certain parts of the community depending on your role.

If you need other available capabilities, which are listed in the manuals, they can be easily provide on request. And finally please feel free to comment, make suggestions share ideas or criticize, so that we can make this community better. Thanks.

Enjoy exploring the community and once again welcome to the community, dedicated to making the world a better place for us and future generations.

Joseph M. Khan